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Millionaire Fair-2006: Fair not for all...

Amsterdam, Cortrake, Cannes, Shanghai and at last Mоscow! The second year successively in capital there has passed known in circles of rich and well-known an exhibition for millionaires Millionaire Fair-2006. From October, 27 till October, 30th the goods and services of a class luxury have been presented in "Crocus-Expo"
On Friday, on October, 27th, ceremony of Gala-opening of second annual exhibition Millionaire Fair-2006 took place. For ten kilometers up to the exhibition center we have noted the tendency of an increasing number of magnificent cars.

Specially for opening the Rosbank has brought a star of world scale Saragh Brightman, whose concerts representing a unusual combination of musical classics and dancing rhythms, have constant success worldwide.

Also visitors were expected by performance of jazz group The Many Moods of Linard, with air show of acrobats, horse show of thoroughbred racers and DJ from club “First”. And confectioners of well-known Petersburg restaurant \" Palkin\" have made copies of masterpieces of world painting - interested persons could taste \" Sunflowers\" by Van Gogh, \" Mona Lisa \" by Leonardo Da Vinci and \" Marylin Monroe \" by Andy Warhol from chocolate and marzipans.

In this year company Bugatti has organized \" official shows \" the superpenalty Veyron. This car is known owing to the characteristics - capacity 1001 h.p., dispersal up to 100 km/h less than 3 sec. The price - nearby 1.200.000 USD.

Of similar cost can brag also phone of company Goldvish. The masterpiece of the modern industry in cost 1.200.000 USD is an exclusive cellular telephone with the decorated brilliants in 120 carat buttons and the case from 18-carat gold.

In yacht-club \"Crocus-city\" which is on Moskva-river nearby \" Crocus Expo \", Timmerman Yachts has shown the new 35-meter motor yacht \" New Star \".

Also at an exhibition have been presented: elite apartments and country houses, for example in solar Spain, interiors and design, furniture, ancient cars, carriages, horses of Akhaltekin breeds and other \" pleasures not for everybody \". I should tell about new exclusive spirits from Guerlain.
The aroma created specially for visitors of the exhibition, will manage all in 1.700.000 roubles!!!

In other days of work of an exhibition for fans of fashion have been organized defile of known Russian designers. Judges of alcoholic drinks and the refined kitchen could estimate the first class wines and dishes from the best cooks of capital.

And the performance of the Brazilian singer of Ive Mendes has finished an exhibition.

Alexander Sannikov
Photo by author
Specially for tomoscow.ru
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