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Masks. From a myth to a carnival in the State Museum of fine Arts named after A.

The state museum of fine arts named after A.S.Pushkin represents an exhibition " Masks: from a myth to a carnival ". The exhibition works since November, 28th 2006 on January, 21st, 2007.
The exhibition is spent within the limits of XXVI international musical festival " December evenings of Svyatoslav Richter ". At the exhibition exhibits from the Russian and foreign museums - art, ethnographic, theatrical are presented. In the first section of an exposition the mask is considered as the sacral subject, capable to deceive enemies, to favour spirits and even to provide immortality. Visitors of an exhibition can make travel on \"mythological\" time and space - from Ancient Egypt up to islands of Ocenia. In the same section occurrence and development of theatre is reflected as scenic representation at masks - antique models and masks of the Japanese theatre are exhibited.
The second section is devoted to the image of a mask. In products of painting and schedules (cloths Lankre and Vatto, etchings Kallo, works of other known masters of XVII-XVIII centuries)
It is possible to track lines of a masquerade (the mask hides the person) and a carnival (the mask changes the person).
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