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International theatrical festival NET in Moscow

On November, 27th in Moscow 8-th International theatrical festival NET has opened. Known theatrical critic Marina Davidova has informed about it at press conference of the art-director of the festival.
" As always, we try to present within the limits of our forum new tendencies of the European theatre ", - has told Davidov. It has added, that in it to year there were performances from Kazakhstan and Mexico. It, as she said, speaks that new directions of the European theatre already passed the limits of Europe.
\" There is one more feature present - this time we have solved the main accent  to put on sphere of nonverbal theatre which borders recently persistently extend. It does not mean, that the word will not sound at all from a stage, but it will cease to be predominating, it is more than words in performance music, plastic will speak, game of light, scenography and transformation of theatrical space \", - Davidova has told.
In total on the festival poster - eight performances: from Russia, Latvia, Israel, France, the Great Britain, Norway, Mexico.

Within the limits of festival in the Theatrical center \" On Strastnoy \" the project \" Gold lecture \" will be presented are a meeting with participants of NET and an opportunity to discuss performances with their founders.
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